Rule Description

  1. 1.Account related issues

    1. How to create an account? You can quickly log in to your account directly through your Facebook or Google account link. You can also use the JOIN NOW method to create your own account, password and email address. After completing the registration, you will be given a game experience bonus, which can be collected after completing the task. You can also participate in online lottery activities. There are many discounts and it is worth recommending to your friends.
    2. How to modify account information? The phone number and email address can be modified by yourself in the personal record.
    3. You will be entitled to win iphone 15 in {name} lottery, this offer is only available to each new account once registration is done.
    4. How to protect account security? The e-mail address is very important. If you do not fill it in, you will not be able to retrieve it if you forget your account number or password in the future. Please fill in the e-mail address carefully and complete the verification process.
  2. 2.Game download and installation

    1. How to download games? There is currently no value-added App to download. You can use the Add to Home Screen function at the bottom of the directory to store the link point on the home screen to facilitate the next operation. In addition, the part about App download will be launched in the future.
    2. What system requirements are needed to install the game? It can currently be operated on PCs, tablets, and mobile phones. There are supported operating system platforms, including Win, Android, Mac, iPhone, Xwin, etc., and any browser interface can be executed.
  3. 3.Game operations and tasks

    1. How does the game work? The operation interface of the platform is very simple and easy to understand. At each stage, there are alerts to tell you the status of the current task. Members will have different tasks at each level. For example: To upgrade to level 1, you only need to play the game 30 times to upgrade. To level 2, you need to upgrade to level 3. 1. Play the game 30 times. And 2. Press ->[FB Share] (there are link buttons in the alert notification and distribution center) to upgrade. To upgrade from level 3 to level 4, you only need to recommend 2 active members to upgrade. The tasks of each level have different challenges and are not difficult and easy to achieve, providing players with a diversified gaming experience. Only when you reach level 5 tasks can you be considered a formal member and be eligible to receive the rewards accumulated during this period.
    2. All the company's game probabilities have been verified and notarized by an impartial unit, and the current expected value is 97%~99%.
    3. What is an active member? The definition is as follows: 1. Register through a promotional code, only a normal member, not a fake account created by yourself. 2. After registration, it only counts if you have members who play games normally, but just creating an empty account does not count. 3. If you apply for many accounts for the same account and arbitrage, this account will not be included in the calculation. 4. The system will automatically determine whether it is valid based on the same device, the same IP and the member's behavior pattern.
  4. 4.Store value and receive rewards

    1. Can I remit money directly to agents to store value? Currently, there are no agents other than the official website to store value. Please be careful not to be deceived.
    2. You don’t need to recharge during the entire process, and you can still play and withdraw bonuses. There is no requirement to recharge.
    3. How to store value? First select the wallet function, then select the cash flow channel you want to use, and then select the discount plan to store value. You can complete the store value operation. The membership level will be directly upgraded to the fifth level of official membership.
    4. What is a stored value discount? There are currently two plans as follows:
    5. 1.Option 1: Bonus 100% of the stored value amount, which requires 15 times the bet amount. Assuming the stored value amount is 100, then you must complete the bet amount of (100+100)x15 before you can claim the prize. gold.

      2.Option 2: Bonus 20% of the stored value, which requires 5 times the bet amount. Assuming the stored value is 100, you must complete the bet amount of (100+20)x5 before you can claim the prize. gold.

    6. How long does it take to receive the bonus after depositing? Generally speaking, you will receive it immediately. Occasionally, it may be delayed by a few minutes due to some delays in the third-party cash flow. As long as you keep the storage value certificate, there will be no problem.
    7. As long as you complete the challenge of upgrading to the fifth level of membership, you can collect the bonuses currently in your wallet.
    8. What is a gift offer? The money you win before recharging is given by the company and will not be canceled due to the act of recharging. For example, if the wallet has 100 yuan and the recharge is 10 yuan, the money in the wallet will be 110 yuan, of course there will be reasonable bet amount requirements, you can choose not to give up.
    9. Is it possible to get a refund after recharging? A full refund is possible, but it cannot be refunded under the following circumstances: A. You have received various activities of earning discounts and have used the discounts. B. After depositing the value, 60% of the commission has been allocated to the dealer channel. C. When recharging, there will be many recharge discount plans, and the discounts have already been used.
    10. The platform adopts the method of challenge level upgrade. When you reach the relevant threshold of membership level 5, you can receive all the money in your wallet as a bonus for successfully challenging level 5. There is no upper limit on withdrawals, as long as you complete Task.
  5. 5.In-game functions

    1. What types are there in the game? Currently there are slot machines, wheel spinners, entertainment, poker, card tables and lotto, etc.
    2. How to use in-game functions? We organize the catalog according to different functions, provide prompt notifications and 24-hour online customer service to explain to customers immediately.
  6. 6.What promotions are available?

    1. There are currently 6 promotions: 1. Registration bonus. 2. iPhone15 mobile phone lottery. 3. Daily check-in rewards 4. Recommend friend rewards 5. Participate in competition rewards 6. Join FB fan rewards, please see the website promotion description for details.
  7. 7. Privacy and Security

    1. How does the game protect player privacy? Usually include the following measures:
    2.  A:Privacy Policy: Game developers should provide clear and unambiguous privacy policies describing how they collect, use and share players' personal information.

       B:Personal information collection: Games should only collect necessary personal information and clearly inform players of the purpose of information collection.

       C:Information security: Game developers should take necessary technical and organizational measures to protect the security of players' personal information and prevent unauthorized access or leakage.

       D:Access Control: Games should provide settings that allow players to control how their personal information is accessed and shared.

       E:Anonymization: Where possible, game developers should process or collect players’ personal information anonymously.

       F:Child Protection: For underage players, games should pay special attention to protecting their privacy and may require the consent of their parents or guardians to collect their personal information.

       G:Third-Party Services: If a game uses third-party services (such as advertisers or analytics providers), developers should ensure that these services adhere to the same privacy standards.

       H:Information Sharing: Games should only share players’ personal information when necessary, and players should be clearly informed of these situations.

    3. In general, games should comply with relevant laws and regulations and take appropriate measures to protect player privacy. Players should also read the privacy policy to understand their rights and how game developers handle their personal information.
    4. How to avoid arbitrage? Through the latest behavioral analysis system, we analyze the behavior of each member. If there are a large number of accounts created and there is arbitrage behavior, we will cancel these accounts.
  8. 8. Member Responsibilities and Restrictions on Improper Conduct:

    1. Our online gaming company is well aware of the importance of our members to us, so we have formulated a series of member responsibilities to ensure that we can provide the best service and experience to our members. First of all, we are committed to protecting members’ personal information and privacy. We will strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations and take necessary measures to protect the security of members’ personal information. Secondly, we are committed to providing members with a safe and stable gaming environment, and we will take all necessary measures to prevent cheating and misconduct in the game and ensure the fairness and impartiality of the game. In addition, we will actively listen to the opinions and suggestions of our members and continuously improve our products and services to ensure that we can meet the needs and expectations of our members. Finally, we will hold various activities and promotions from time to time to give back to members so that they can feel our intentions and sincerity. All in all, we will do our best to provide members with the best service and experience and become a gaming brand they trust and love.
    2. The company adopts strict restrictions on members’ improper behavior to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the game. The following is an introduction to our restrictions on inappropriate behavior:
    3. 1. Cheating: We prohibit any form of cheating, including but not limited to using plug-ins, modifying game files, exploiting vulnerabilities, etc. Once cheating is discovered, we will immediately ban the member.
    4. 2. Deceptive behavior: When a customer pretends to have deposited value, but has not actually deposited value, causing problems in our reconciliation with the bank, once we discover this situation, we will immediately ban the member’s account.
    5. 3. Inappropriate words and deeds: We prohibit any form of inappropriate words and deeds, including but not limited to insults, intimidation, harassment of other players, etc. We encourage players to communicate kindly and treat others with respect.
    6. 4. Information security: We require members to strictly protect the security of personal information and prohibit any form of information infringement, including but not limited to stealing other people’s accounts, private transaction accounts, etc.
    7. 5. Violation of game rules: We require members to abide by game rules and prohibit any form of violation of game rules, including but not limited to gaining experience, destroying game balance, etc.
    8. For the above improper behavior, we will adopt different handling methods according to the seriousness of the circumstances, including but not limited to warning, account ban, permanent ban, etc. We hope that through these measures, we can ensure the fair, just and healthy development of the game.